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Why Do Poultries Feel Stress?

Heat stress is one of the most frequent stress poultries face with. They don’t have any sweat glands. They increase their breathing rates, decrease feed consumption and increase water consumption in order to balance their body temperatures at high temperatures. Heat stress affects live weight gain, egg quality and efficiency negatively. Moreover, mineral material losses occur as a result of excessive water consumption and widdling.

Poultries feel themselves under stress at low temperatures. The environmental temperature should be 35°C after birth of animals. Unless the required temperature isn’t provided inside coops, animals die soon. During the growth period of animals, temperature should be stabilized to 18- 20°C for their healthy development.

Sudden environmental changes can cause difficulties for animals to adapt. Lighting, noises of machines, direct contact with people, feed changes, changes in social environment and such factors stimulate stress for poultries. Animal changes inside coops, cause arguer behaviours between poultries. Moreover; efficiency and health problems, body injuries and cannibalism occur as a result of chronic stress.

Poultries are afraid of predatory animals, people, large materials and noises. Besides; lighting time shouldn’t be too long in order to avoid stress. Otherwise; behaviours such as; deterioration of eyesight, feather pecking, pad pecking and equipment pecking will be seen.

Poultries feel themselves stressful when they are in touch with people visually, aurally and physically. They should always remain distant to people especially the ones thay haven’t met before. They are very senstive and directly show reactions to the circumstances. Beak is very important for animals. They eat feed, drink water and perform their functions with their beaks. Being unable to clean beaks, cause acute and chronic stress for poultries. Beak trimming is made in order to avoid feed selection and cannibalism.

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