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Why Is Aquaculture Required?

According to TUİK data; amount of sea bass obtained by fishing in 2010 is 577 tones, and this number reduces to 187 tones when year 2013 came. Similar situation applies for bream, and while 1164 tones of bream were fished in 2010, this amount regresses to 943 tones when 2013 is reached. In general, if fishing amounts are considered for sea fishes; amount of sea fishes obtained by fishing is 399.656 tones in 2010, this amount has regressed up to 295.167 tones in 2013. 76 tones of fishes obtained by fishing is used for fish oil and fish flour in 2013. While amount of sea bass produced in farms is 51.000 tones in 2010, this amount raised to 68.000 tones in 2013.. The same increase has raised to 35.700 tones in 2013 for bream while it was 28.000 tones in 2010. A dramatic decrease is seen in fishes obtained by fishing in the same way throughout the world and an increase is seen in production of farm fishes. When it is looked at both in our country and in global scale, the situation that is pointed out by decrease in amounts of fishes obtained by fishing is that natural fish stocks decreased in seas of our country and world. When importance of fish in human nutrition and hidden protein deficiency experienced worldwide and increasing gradually are thought, role and importance of sea fishes produced at fish farms and culture fish cultivation appears. 

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