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Why Is Nail Care Necessary? How Should It Be Implemented On Animals?

Foot diseases cause milk deficiency, decreases in income and weight loss by preventing healthy nutrition. As the other fibers in the body, nails become ill too. These illnesses occurs in various types and parts. 

Primary Foot Diseases: 

  • Nail Cracks
  • Exungulation
  • Scleronychia

Primary Nail Sole Diseases: 

  • Sole Crash
  • Sole Ulcers
  • Heel Corrosion 

Primary Skin Diseases:

  • Laminitis
  • Nail Wounds
  • Inflamation 
  • Joint swelling
  • Tendon inflammation

The operation sequence usually occurs in 3 stages:

  • The front length of the inner nails should be 7. 5 cm and the ground clearence of the nail sole should be between 5 and 7 mm.
  • Exterior and inner nails should be at the same length and height. 
  • The soles of animals should be a bit curved by continuously protecting its’ current shape. 

While nail care is being made, skin part between the sole and the nail should be carefully and separately controlled. Some problems like inflammation, wound or hardware disease can be observed in this part. Apart from those, when considered nails from the bottom point of view, the sole part of the heel must be strengthened. The smooth skin part is wet and airless because of the fact that it continuously stays in touch with the dirty stable ground. Because of this, sensibility against illnesses is the matter and the possible situations such as unpleasant smell, softness, inflammation etc. should be kept under control. The election of strong- hoofed cows and the guidance of herds are going to minimize foot diseases in dairy farming businesses.

Shelter and Ground Construction: 

Sample structures for the stable stalls, suitable grounds for dry places in free stables, rough and grooved or terrene walking places are the points to be paid attention. 

Foot Bath Procurement:

Daily and alternately usage of the foot baths which are prepared with copper sulphate or creolin. 

Regular and Healthy Nourishment and Implementing Feeding Programme:

The ration which is prepared for dairy cows has an important role in a feeding programme. If the feeding conditions are provided as containing high incidence of concentrate feed and low incidence of roughage, laminitis is going to occur as a result of acidosis. In addition to this, as a result of foot and mouth disease, laminitis is also seen.

 Regular Nail Care:

Nail care should be made at least twice a year and the nails of the cows should be controlled. Growing nails are especially maximized in spring and they increase the rate of success for foot health. 

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