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Why Is Water Consumption Important For Poultries?

Water consumption has a crucial importance especially for the efficiency of poultries. It also plays an essential role in feeding. 

Water; serves two purposes as being tap and drinking in poultry farming. As others, the importance of water consumption is indisputable and water is an essential compound to provide the body to sustain its’ metobolic activities normally. Because of the reason that the digestive systems of poultries differ from other types, freshness and obtainability of water are required in this farming type. Additionally, vaccination and disinfestation are usually made with make up water and in this regard, the importance of water consumption increases significantly. Water is an important factor to provide homeostasis in the body. Poultries can outlive hunger rather than droughtiness. 

Type, sexuality, age, heat and such various causes compose 55- 77% of the body. As the one- week chicks grew older, rate of the body water decrease. Serious metabolic problems occur as a result of 10% loss of the body water and besides, deaths occur as a result of 20% loss of the body water. Additionally, loss of live weight, exuviation, end of spawning and such problems are possible to face with in case of the droughtiness situations. Poultries procure needed water from drinking water, feeding materials and water which occurs as a result of the metabolic activities. 

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