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Why Should Organic Agriculture Be Preferred?

Human beings have comprehended the damages that they brought to environment with the continuing agricultural activities until today. In accordance with this purpose, the concept of organic agriculture which considers animal welfare, aims at providing sustainable development and uses the sources properly by being compatible with the nature, has begun to expand all over the world. 

When the reasons for why organic culture is preferred, 10 main topics can be mentioned about. 

  • Protecting Next Generations:  We have to present healthy nutritions in order to protect next generations. A child suffer from initiative pesticides more than an adult. Because of this fact; health of the child in the future, depends on the right choices of nutrients. 
  • Avoiding Soil Erosion: Soil, underlies the food chain in organic aquaculture. Impaired soil structure is converted into easily repairable structure with wind or water erosion in conventional agriculture. 
  • Protecting Water Quality: Water, constitutes % 70 percent of our body weight and planet. At this point, an imperilment for all of the living creatures both in direct and indirect ways via the contamination of pesticides and other chemicals to buried and above- ground water sources and the contamination of these to drinkable water is the matter to be discussed. 
  • Energy Conservation:  Modern agriculture, consumes gasoline and heavy fuel more than other industry sections. This consumption, occurs during manufacturing of synthetic fertilizer and medicine with gasoline- powered and oil fired agricultural machineries. Mechanization in organic agriculture is a lot fewer than mechanization in conventional agriculture. In this type, energy conservation is provided by manuel weed struggling, nonuse of agricultural pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Additionally, the usage of fossil fuel in agricultural industry has a high importance for environmental cleaning and nature- friendly fuel- oil. 
  • Purifying From Medicine Proceeds: Various agricultural chemicals are primarily subjected to explorations in order to determine if they cause diseases or not. Because of the fact that; these chemicals are produced in order to destroy living creatures, there is also a possibility for them to harm people. 

In addition to the cancer risk which pesticide leads to; birth accidents, diseases in  nervous system and genetic are possible to face with. The main reasons for these risks can be defined as the systemic pesticides. 

  • Protecting Agricultural Laborers:  Agricultural laborers’ health is under risk especially in the countries where agricultural chemicals are used intensively and unrestrainedly. The possibility of getting cancer is higher for the people who live in such countries. 
  • Increasing The Level Of Income:  Various cultivators who make organic agriculture production, work in family businesses and concordantly, their farm lands are small- scaled. The sales prices of organic agricultural products are higher than the sales prices of conventional agricultural products and the limited use or nonuse of synthetic fertilizers, agricultural medicines and such inputs are possible to increase the profit margin of businesses. 
  • Targeting Economic Production: Organic agricultural products are more expensive than conventional products. But in fact, when nonvisible costs of of the conventional nutrients are calculated, their higher price will be realised rather than organic nutrients. For example; various surplus synthetic inputs should be used in conventional agriculture and as a result of this usage; harmful contaminations occur. Quantity of synthetic inputs are considerably restricted in organic agriculture. Because of this reason, the sources will be less than other type. 
  • Providing Biological Diversity: Prototype products have been mostly planted for years in conventional agriculture. Therefore, exploited nutrients and minerals of the soil are carried out feet foremost with current synthetic fertilizers. These synthetic fertilizers demolish the microflora of soil and kill the worms, larvas and eggs of favourable insects in the soil.

These products cause intensity increases in pests. This circumstance necessitates the usage of pesticides. Because of the fact that; pesticides can’ t avoid reproduction of pests against those medicines, the method of increasing dosage or execution frequency can be used in this case. Intensive pesticide execution causes destruction of predators and poisoning of birds which are fed with insects. On the contrary, pest control is based upon continuing animals and insects their existence with the usage of organic preparation. 

As the animal fertilizer provides needed nutrient for grown products with natural plant nutrient elements, mineral additives, pheromone traps, proper product alternation plans and especially green fertilization, it also protects structure and microflora of the soil. The protection of biological diversity is required for both success of organic agriculture and balance of eco- system. 

  • Giving A Wealthier Aroma To Products:

The range of products which easily adapt to the current region don’ t lose anything from their specific taste and aroma when they are cultivated in organic agricultural conditions. Inspite of the fact that; the desirability of organic products which are produced without using synthetic chemicals is less than conventional products, their nutrient, mineral, vitamin contents and post- harvest shelf lives are more than conventional products.  

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