2 Days AgTech7 Innovation Workshop Completed!

2 Days AgTech7 Innovation Workshop Completed!

The 2 days AgTech7 Innovation Workshop, where AgTech7 agricultural technologies trainings are discussed by university students, industry professionals and investors, has been completed! Çamlı Yem provides guidance to its project partners on the preparation of case studies from the industry.

“AgTech7: Agri-Food Enterprises, Academia and Investment Angels Knowledge Alliance Project for Agriculture and Food Technologies Education from Farm to Table”, supported under EU Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances Program, is the project of Çamlı Yem Besicilik, Novi Sad from Serbia, together with Yaşar University from Turkey. University and the BioSense Institute, Maastricht University from the Netherlands, the European Network of Business Angels from Belgium and the Southeastern Europe Research Center from Greece and Neuropublic. With the project, which includes universities, centers and angel investment organizations from 5 countries, a comprehensive training program will be developed to optimize the entire agri-food chain from farm to fork. With the project, which received 893 thousand 455 Euro support within the scope of Erasmus+, data analytics for farm management information systems (FMIS), Blockchain technology applications for agri-food value chain, agri-food-specific innovative applications in agriculture finance and insurance activities, internet of things and resources by using satellite systems. Efficiency and yield increase methods, artificial intelligence applications in agricultural food supply chain management optimization, neuromarketing for personal branding and changing feeding styles, and lean startup method and agri-food entrepreneurship training will be designed for participants in rapid business development techniques. The trainings will appeal to both university students and professionals working in the sector, investors and young entrepreneurs.


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