A First from Pınar Fish

A First from Pınar Fish

The seabass and seabream production facility of Pınar Fish which is located in Çeşme, got full marks from the environmental impact assessment in full integration from fry fish production to packaging process for the first time in Turkey and it is certificated as ‘ The Friend Of The Sea ‘ by the benevolent non-governmental organization ‘ Friend Of The Sea ‘ .

Pınar Fish, which establishes the first integrated aquaculture facility and makes production for the first time, proved once again that; it doesn’ t damage the natural production areas with its’ sustainable approach. Pınar Fish, which got full marks from the environmental impact assessment, continues to create difference in the sector by being industry leading without affecting the sea bottom, producing hormon- free sea bass and sea bream. Moreover; it doesn’ t leave a trace in the natural world.

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