A Great Deal Of Attention to Çamlı in Agroexpo

A Great Deal Of Attention to Çamlı in Agroexpo

As it does every year; Yaşar Holding Agricultural, Husbandry and Fishery group company Çamlı, stand in Agroexpo 11. International Agricultural, Conservatory and Husbandry Fair between 11- 14 January this year too. This organization which is actualized with the participation of 54 countries, took place in 450 booths by the representation of 400 brands.

As an agriculturalist firm; Çamlı, brang ‘Aegean Milk 21‘ , ‘Aegean Milk 19’ , ‘Aegean Fattening’ , ‘Calf Grower’ and ‘Çamlı Besimix’ feeds which are recently produced and introduced as bovine feeds, ‘Sheep Milk’ , ‘Goat Milk’ , ‘Yearling Lamb’ and ‘Goat Grower’ feeds as ovine feeds together for the producers and distributors.

Honorable Selim Yaşar who is the Board Chairman of Yaşar Holding, Mehmet Aktaş who is the Chief Executive Officer of Yaşar Holding and Honorable Hasan Girenes who is the President of Husbandry and Fishery Group joined this organization and had a talk with Honorable Faruk Çelik, who is the President of Food, Agriculture and Livestock about innovations and developments in the sector.

With its’ attractive booth, ‘ Çamlı Yem ‘ enthralled the participants, added new customers to its’ portfolio without compromising from product quality and reliability and showed its’ capacity for building long- term relationships with customers by the sustainable development and growth approach that it has adopted.

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