A Source of Vitamin and Mineral from Çamlı

A Source of Vitamin and Mineral from Çamlı

Çamlı, which has been an operating company since 1983, is going to enrich its’ product range with its’ new block products.

The produced ‘ Çamlı Çiftliği Milk Block ‘ and ‘ Çamlı Çiftliği Fattening Block ‘ fulfill the vitamin and mineral requirements of animals and they have the quality to strengthen the immune system. Moreover, these products avoid the existence of foot diseases, remove the possible behavioral disorders with the quality and efficiency that they have and increase the feed conversion rate.

As feed production is under the guarentee of Yaşar Holding, Çamlı reaches its customers both via distributor or directly, offers support to the producer about farm management and animal health implementations via its technical staff.

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