Animal Welfare Training from Milano University

Animal Welfare Training from Milano University

Through Ege University Faculty of Agriculture, the faculty members of Milano University provided both practical and theoretical animal welfare training for the employees and representatives of Çamlı Quality and Poultry Production Directorate and Pınar Et Fresh Meat Production Directorate between June 3-5.

Theoretical and practical trainings were provided on issues including the factors that impact upon animals’ welfare, the economic losses that result from the breaches of animal welfare, optimization of poultry house conditions in accordance with the weather conditions, ventilation and base management, the ideal density of poultry houses, the breeders’ attitudes towards the animals, monitoring animal welfare practices at the slaughterhouse stage etc. and after the completion of the training program each participant were awarded with certificates for their participation. During this training program, which also served as a preliminary study in relation to the animal welfare standards that will be adopted within the European Union, the poultry houses located in Kuyucak were visited. Following their examination of the plants, the faculty members of Milano University indicated that the facilities owned by Çamlı were completely in compliance with the animal welfare standards.

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