Çamlı Got The Highest Point from the Ministry!

Çamlı Got The Highest Point from the Ministry!

Water products cultivation plants of Çamlı located at Çeşme Ildırı has received full point from Combined Environmental Inspection performed by İzmir Province Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development.

It has been approved by the Ministry that the plant, which performed first integrated culture fish production in Turkey in 1985, has acted complying with Environmental Law and Directives at any stage of activities performed in complete integration from beginning to end of production.

Çamlı acts with the mission of servicing health fish in a livable environment for new generations for a sustainable future by giving importance to environment and protection of environmental balances. Çamlı, which has documented its sea-friendly production with Friend of The Sea that is a sustainable aquaculture certificate, demonstrates its sensitivity about protection of environment and environmental resources with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate.

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