Çamlı is in European Seafood Exposition!

Çamlı is in European Seafood Exposition!

Establishing the first integrated culture fishery and producing the first culture fish in Turkey, Çamlı attended to the world’s biggest seafood exposition; European Seafood Exposition is held in Brussels for the 21st time between the dates of April 23 and 25, 2013. Çamlı displayed its Çamlı Deniz and Pınar Balık branded products with ‘’Enjoy the richness of the sea!’’ concept. The fair hosted more than 1600 companies from 140 countries. In European Seafood Exposition where the most important actors in world aquaculture market met, Çamlı took place both with its fresh, frozen and manufactured fish products. At the end of the exposition Çamlı stated that it has an aim to increase the export volume and to grow especially in North European and Middle East Market.

Culture fishery sector that has been launched with bream and sea bass production in Çeşme thanks to the initiatives of Estimable industrialist Selçuk Yaşar who has broken many new grounds in Turkey, have made a big progress in the last 10 years and Turkey became the second biggest seafood supplier of Europe. In the fair held in Europe-that is the biggest market of seafood sector, Çamlı introduced its product ranges and its value added products to the visitors from various countries. Spicy bream/ sea bass fillet products that are prepared untouched in a aluminum tray that can be put into oven in such a short period like 15 minutes in which no dish is needed, that makes people experience a boneless and odorless fish pleasure in Turkey for the first time, and fish burger products that do not have any additives and are made of 74% fish meat, are presented to the taste of visitors.

Minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan who attended the exposition upon the invitation of Seafood Publicity Group, said that he is in Brussels to support Turkish companies and show them that as a ministry they stand by these companies, he then visited Çamlı stand and presented a plaquet.

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