Çamlı Is in Social Media!

Çamlı Is in Social Media!

Agriculture, Stock Breeding and Fisheries Group working under the auspices of Yaşar Holding started using social media tools after the publication of Çamlı’s corporate blog page with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. You may reach the various social media account pages opened by the company through the following links.

Çamlı Yem’s corporate page publishes recent news about the company and the events organized by the company, contents that support the various campaigns organized, the most current news about the industry and other posts that might establish an interactive relationship with the users.

For the fresh fish products with the brand name Pınar Balık, the pages published under the name ‘Cultured Fish’ present informative articles about culture fishing and the consumption of fish bred through culture fishing, posts on the significance of a healthy and balanced diet, recipes for dishes cooked with Pınar Balık as well as activity and event news and other posts that would allow for an interaction with the users.

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