Çamlı is The Group Winner In Businesscup!

Çamlı is The Group Winner In Businesscup!

Businesscup Intercompany Football Tournament, which has been organized for increasing motivation of the companies every year, is held in October for the year 2017.

The first game is played in 8th October between Çamlı and Aero Rüzgar. Çamlı beated its’ rival in the match by scoring 3 goals while Aero Rüzgar could score just a goal. The second game is played in 15th October between Çamlı and Lansinoh. Çamlı got the edge over its’ rival by scoring 9 goals while Lansinoh could score just a goal. In the third week of the tournament, the game is played in 22nd October between Çamlı and Magmaweld. Çamlı wan by a landslide to the accompaniment of manifestations this time that it scored 11 goals while Magmaweld could score just a goal. As being the last game of the group games; Çamlı and Dönmez Debriyaj held a match. Çamlı beated its’ rival by scoring 6 goals while Dönmez Debriyaj scored 3 goals and became the group winner.

With this victory of Çamlı, it is assumed one of the most successful 16 teams which are going to hold matches between themselves. It aims to continue this successful performance of it in the second group games which are going to start in November. We would like to wish success to all of the players in our team.



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