Çamlı Makes a Clean Break with its Associates

Çamlı Makes a Clean Break with its Associates

Business Associates Meeting, organized by Yaşar Holding’s Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery Group company Çamlı with the concept “New Beginning to Innovation” was held between May 11 and 13 2012 in Çeşme Altın Yunus Hotel. Chairman of Yaşar Holding Board İdil Yiğitbaşı, executives, Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery Group Chairman Hasan Girenes, 350 associates all across Turkey and Çamlı employees came together.

Having started its activities in 1983 with cattle feed production, and reached to a leader position in agriculture, livestock and fishery sector via its innovations, Çamlı that has contributed in creating a modern and competitive sector for 29 years, shared with its associates the new investments, lines of work and its enriched product portfolio of 2012, that is a change and development process year for Çamlı. Highlighting that it will be one of the most dynamic actors of new agriculture layout, Çamlı adopted “New Beginning to Innovation” motto as a meeting concept. In the meeting attended by important actors of the sector, evaluation of 2011 is carried out and objective and expectations of 2012-2013 are told. Product portfolios and packages renewed in cattle feed, fish feed and plant nutrition products are introduced with presentations.

Chairman of Yaşar Holding Board İdil Yiğitbaşı said that; ‘’As Yaşar community that has supported for entrepreneurship in every period, we are excited to create employment for our country. We have undertaken the mission of healthy nutrition of children and all society and supporting agriculture and livestock in our country. With Pınar and Çamlı, Yaşar became a regional development model in Turkey. Thus, whole sector followed this model. Thus, highlighted the importance of Pınar and Çamlı in every period.

Yaşar Holding Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery Group Chairman Hasan Girenes mentioned about changing trends and new agriculture layout that is based on information, technology and constant innovation with his speech titled “Çamlı with the Changing Image and Innovations”. Emphasizing that the ones opening a new page for innovation will shine out, Girenes told that Çamlı will again open a new page in this new layout and add new ones to its background full of “firsts”. 

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