Çamlı Met With Its Business Partners

Çamlı Met With Its Business Partners

Entered into operation with feed production in 1983 and has been breaking new grounds in many field of agriculture since 31 years, Çamlı held the second meeting named “We Will Succeed Together” with its contractual turkey breeders in Altınyunus Hotel, Çeşme this year.

Çamlı Yem Besicilik, which make great contributions to the development of Turkish Agriculture and has been leading the Agriculture sector by breaking new grounds since its foundation, provided training for many turkey breeders and veterinaries in this meeting.

After detailed information was given about advising the breeders and contributing to a more aware and effective turkey breeding through the training themed biosafety and file layout, the meeting was ended by the conferment of the 5-year and plus business partners.

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