Çamlı Met with the Turkey Producers!

Çamlı Met with the Turkey Producers!

Çamlı, which directs the agricultural sector with its’ firsts since it has established, organized a time honored Turkey Producers Informative Seminar in September 21th, 2017.

After making an annual evaluation, plaquets are given to the turkey producers according to their success ratings that the first 10 people got their success awards for the years 2007- 2017, while the others got their success awards for the year 2016- 2017. Under the sponsorship of Biochem and XVET, ‘Take Care Of Your Today, Instead Of Warning About Future’ and ‘The Importance Of Probiotics In Healthy And Profitable Turkey Breeding’ themed presentations are made.

Once after the sector evaluation and creating aims for the year 2018 which are made by Çamlı representatives, Honorous Cenk Doğru, who is the Dairy Fattening, Poultry and Plant Nutrition Business Unit Director of Çamlı, overemphasized that they are going to develop and reach their aims over time with the supports, opinions and feedbacks of producers.

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