Çamlı Service Conferment Ceremony was Performed

Çamlı Service Conferment Ceremony was Performed

Continued its service conferment ceremony tradition, Çamlı awarded its employees who have completed their 5th, 10t, 15th, 20th or 25th years with certificates for their services. In the ceremony, the film screening named “Our Firsts” and the awards and certificates granted in 2014 by independent institutions were shared with the participants as the sources of pride.

“Çamlı has always targeted the better and the further with the awareness proper to Yaşar Holding. It has made an effort to pay its debt of gratitude to its shareholders and the society by setting the bar higher each year. I am glad to state that today ‘Çamlı’ has become one of the productive, diversified and strong brands of our Group and the sector. As Çamlı, we aimed and continue to aim to be integrated the food and other activity fields of our group as well as to create ‘remarkable’ results with our brand.” said Hasan Girenes, the Director of the Yaşar Holding Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Group.

Girenes, who said that their growth strategy is based on young and dynamic human resources in the age of alteration, transformation, speed and agility, also added “Our intellectual capital is our most strategic ‘value creation’ instrument in today’s information economy. The solidarity and cooperation that we, as Çamlı, have created both with our employees and all business partners since more than 30 years will ensure our strong presence in the forthcoming years. In the forthcoming years, we continue to lead the sector with our target for being “A New Generation Company” and with our products, services, management skills and human resources.”

In the ceremony, 28-person Rhythm Group consisting of Yaşar Group employees took the stage. In the show carried out in two parts, employees firstly performed their show with professional percussion instruments, and in the second part, the show prepared with he packages of the products manufactured by Yaşar Group was demonstrated. The rhythm show supported with the contributions of the employees was strongly applauded.

The employees who completed their service years:

The ones who completed their 5th service year:

Sinan Şahin

İsmail Yılmaz

Fatih Tınas

Levent Kahraman

The ones who completed their 10th service year:

Serap Sözer

Özay Aslan

Füsun Biçer

Gürkan Başçil

Harun Bulut

Uğur Soylu

Ahmet Halit Eker

Gökhan Garptaş

Yaşar Avcı

Hüsnü Ejder Hiçdurmaz

Atila Bulduk

Yaşar Yıldırım

Mevlüt Öz

Faruk Atakan

The ones who completed their 15th service year:

Abdullah İbiş

Hakan Günay

Yüksel Atalan

Gülseren Dalakçı

Gülbin Kaplan

Nihat Ayva

Vildan Honaz

Yüksel Kayacık

Yonca Kermekaş

Fidem Camcı

The ones who completed their 20th service year:

Ercan Kalfa

Mustafa Demirkol

Halil Şahin

Ergün Çelik

Rıza Yılmaz

The ones who completed their 25th service year:

Ahmet Metin

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