Çamlı Silo Project

Çamlı Silo Project

With its 27 year experience, reliability, and high product quality, Çamlı Yem ve Besicilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. continues supporting the producer with its project ‘Farm Silo Project’ that is launched at the beginning of summer. Within the project context , Çamlı presents silos that keeps feeds up to 21,5 tones to the farms that guarantee at least to work for two years. Farm owners do not also obtain maximum efficiency from their animals with healthy feeds via Çamlı assurance and quality and by creating their own stock, they also obtain low costs as labor force use in the farm decreases.

Via the silos we obtained in order to increase the standards in farm, thus increase the quality in each branch about food, our farmers will now be able to easily follow their feed stocks and thus define their feed purchasing periods without any trouble. In case there is a small amount left in the silos, there’s a simple thing to do: Call Çamlı and set the necessary feed amount. Our farmers will be able to see the desired amount in their silos within 24 hours after the order is forwarded to our plan. Thus, they will be able to decrease workmanship in the farm by avoiding time loss and tiring works.

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