Çamlı Yem Attended Career Days in Ege University

Çamlı Yem Attended Career Days in Ege University

An animal panel within Career Days is fulfilled by Ege University Agricultural Faculty Zootechnics Department in 28 April 2016. Honorous Gökhan Korkut, who is the unit of work director of Çamlı Yem took place among speakers in the panel.

Agricultural Engineer Gökhan Korkut, primarily introduced the company products and mentioned about the fact that Çamlı has the biggest capacity in organic raw milk production by both producing and selling ovine and bovine feeds. Additionally, he mentioned about the fact that poultry feed production has 45 percent share all around the world by being the first in the Aegean Region, the second in the Central Anatolia Region and the third in the Marmara Region.

Honorous Korkut, directed advices at students toward their development and laid emphasis on gaining ground with suitable methods for healthy nutrition and development of the animals.


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