Camli's Loyalty Card

Camli's Loyalty Card

Always aiming to offer better service and advantages to its breeders and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Çamlı, brings together the breeders with many nice gifts as of August, via ÇAMLI CLUB system developed within the frame of customer loyalty program.

Breeders that will be able to be a member by registering their data on the computers in ÇAMLI CLUB member dealers, will then be able to provide their membership cards and gift catalogues from the dealers and will earn gift credits as they buy feeds and spend these feeds whenever they want.

Offering a wide range of gift alternatives from car to television, mobile phone to furniture, Çamlı meets with its breeders in August with motto “Let your animals be effective, let your bags be full of gifts”. Keeping in mind also its dealers and cooperatives along with its breeders, Çamlı adds a new project to its customer-focused activities.

Çamlı, that will be organizing exclusive various promotions and campaigns to customers having ÇAMLI CLUB membership by offering various opportunities to them aims to offer value to its customers with quality products and to work synergistically with their associate breeders for many years.

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