Cool Dog Became The Main Sponsor of AVKİF

Cool Dog Became The Main Sponsor of AVKİF

Çamlı, which is affiliated with Yaşar Holding, works in all the fields of cattle, sheep and goat fodder, fish feed, cattle and turkey farming, culture fishery and plant nutrition and also is active in dog food market with the brand Cool Dog.

Cool Dog dog food became a supporter and main sponsor of pasture and race competition, which was organized by AVKIF International Cynology Federation of Eurasia, and all of their other activities. Cool Dog dog food will be given to those who qualify for top degrees in the competitions in which dogs will compete with full force.

It offers the food it produces in modern production plants that have ISO 9001 and Global Gap documents to consumers as adult dog food and puppy food. Cool Dog, which has appeared with its new package and new contents, is sold in all pet shops.

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