Cool Dog Now Has a New Packaging

Cool Dog Now Has a New Packaging

Çamlı, which is affiliated with one of Turkey’s leading groups Yaşar Holding carries out business activities in all of the fields including cattle, ovine and poultry feed, fish baits, cattle and turkey breeding, fish farming and plant nutrition and it also has a place within the dog food market with the brand Cool Dog.

It offers the food that is produced at its own production facilities, which is issued with an ISO9001 certificate as dog food and puppy food. Cool Dog is a dog food that has been developed in accordance with feeding all breeds of dogs and that is rich in lamb and rice as well as protein and carbohydrates, which is both delicious and highly digestive. Due to the high quality vitamins and minerals it provides, Cool Dog ensures that your faithful friends have strong and developed muscles, healthy joint and bone structure, shiny and clear eyes, healthy digestive systems, strong teeth and gums, flexible skin and shiny feathers.

As it will be released to the market with the new packaging and new contents, Cool Dog brand is now getting ready to be sold at the petshops. The useful information added to the new packaging explains the amount of nutrition that your loyal friends have to intake in a detailed manner and Cool Dog ensures that your pets live a long and healthy life.

Cool Dog, which will be sold in all petshop stores, aims to increase the high quality domestically manufactured dog food consumption in Turkey, with its new face.

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