Fast Growth Early Harvest

Fast Growth Early Harvest

Always acting with a sense regarding the needs of the producer, Çamlı has concluded the new product that is desired by many producers, “Çamlı Soil Pool Feed” again within this context, after the long R&D practices.

This product that is a first in Turkey, is formulized in a way to minimize the waste amount that is off during the production. By this means, it helps you to keep water criteria under control and thus fish grow in a healthier environment.

“Çamlı Soil Pool Feed”, enhances the increase of live load with its special nutriment ingredient. As a result of the trials conducted in Milas region for 6 months, minimum 5-10 % enhancement is determined in FCR value. Again, thanks to the rich contributions of the product, your fish can have a taste, color and appearance similar to natural. Çamlı Soil Pool Feed is also formulized so as to improve the immune system thus increases fish resistance against diseases.

As a result; it enables fish to grow healthily in a healthy environment along with helping fish to be super delicious.

Highlighting the importance of receiving the return for valuable producer’s effort in fish production that operates as labor intensive, Özlem Güzel stated that they aim to lower the costs and increase the profitability via this new and special product.

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