Pınar Fish Flies With Its' New Packages!

Pınar Fish Flies With Its' New Packages!

Pınar Balık being the first trademarked fresh fish brand of Turkey has developed a new packaging that saves both money and time by breaking a new ground in the sector. A uniform packaging was prepared by printing the obligatory label information on the packaging with barriers that are required to be used during air transport of the exported goods.

With this effort that puts an end to label one by one, packaging unit saves time and additionally customer satisfaction has risen thanks to reduced order preparation times and more durable labels. A more effective work is carried by the workers as a result of ending the unnecessary workmanship and workforce in packaging section with the new package. Positive feedbacks are obtained from all of the business partners of Pınar Balık with regard to the new packaging sent to Middle East and U.S. market.

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