Pınar Fish Is Expanding Its' Exporting Capacity!

Pınar Fish Is Expanding Its' Exporting Capacity!

Having established Turkey’s first integrated fish farming production facility and leading the industry, Çamlı offers the productivity of the Aegean Sea to the world with the brand Pınar Balık. The advanced technologies used in the production ensures that the products are produced without losing their quality from the hatchery till they are on the table, and the products are sent to more than 20 countries including Italy and Spain, in Europe, America, Middle East and Africa.

As Turkey’s first fish brand, having opened to new markets with the brand Pınar Balık, Çamlı has added another country to its exporting portfolio in August and realized its first fish export to the market in Bahrain. Especially with the aim to expand within the Russian and Middle Eastern market, it continues to grow its export volume each day.

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