Sustainable Environment Breakthrough from Çamlı

Sustainable Environment Breakthrough from Çamlı

Çamlı, which launched the first fish with a brand name with the first integrated fish farming facility, first fish farming producer and Pınar fish brand, created a new project by saying “Our Priority is Environment”. It has proven that it is possible to reduce the possible environmental impact by cleaning the sea and sea floor with a projetc that was tried for the first time in Turkey.

Today it has become obvious that the acquaculture industry must develop innovative and effective methods that preserve the water resrouces and ensure their sustainability. Çamlı, which attempts to grow developing sea cucumber types by using macroalgae that reproduces by using inorganic foods in the sea, crustaceans that obtain food by filtering water, thereby ensures the recycling of food and their return to the biomass thanks to this understanding of a balanced ecosystem and so it is increasing economic diverstiy as well as reducing environmental impact. Among the objectives of the realized project are destroying the wrong prejudices regarding the acquaculture industry, ensuring social support and increasing its economic and social value.

With this project, which is realized by Çamlı, which acts with the mission of providing healthy fish to the new generations in a livable environment for a sustainable future, ensuring the production of integrated and diverse species together with this project was attempted for the first time. The project is innovative and it constitutes an example for Turkey and the world in terms of the sustainable use of resources. Çamlı, which cooperated with Dokuz Eylül University Marine Science Institute on the subject of this project, is also receiving advice and support from the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Food And Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism.

Sea cucumber, which has been hunted excessively due to its economic value and which has a reduced population in the Aegean Sea currently, is one of hte most important elements of the project. By farming this species, the goal is to decrease the pressure of hunting on this species, which is about to become extinct, like in sea bass and sea bream farming.

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