The Study of Çamlı is in ‘Proceedings‘

The Study of Çamlı is in ‘Proceedings‘

The proceedings book of 3rd International Poultry Meat Congress, which was held in Starlight Convention Center & Sunrise Park Resort between the dates of 22- 26 April 2015 is published.

In this published proceedings book, a study about some welfare indicators which are detected in slaughterhouse and poultry house for the broilers and effects of sexuality is handled by Gündüz İlsever; the Poultry Production Operating Manager of Çamlı, Aşkın Güney, Medhi Shakari and Sezen Özkan; who are from Ege University Agricultural Faculty. The changes dependent upon sexuality of welfare measurements, are researched and some walking and pecking problems in approximately 100 turkeys, sole dermatitis in 50 turkeys, ammoniac blight in metatarsus linkage and pollution- irritation prevalance intensity in skin and higher incidence of the welfare level in bucks than jennies are mentioned about.

‘ Proceedings ‘ aims to offer an insight to its’ readers about the studies that are presented in this international organization in which company based developments are observed.

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