There is a Rise in Agricultural Producer Prices

There is a Rise in Agricultural Producer Prices

The annual increase in the producer prices of agricultural products has exceeded 10 per cent at the end of November. According to the Turkish Statistical Institution (TÜİK) data, the Agricultural Products Producer Price Index (Agriculture ÜFE) increased by 0.15 per cent in November. Agriculture ÜFE increased 8.08 per cent compared to the end of last year and it increased 10.77 per cent annually. On a monthly basis, the prices of agricultural and hunting products increased by 0.08 per cent and those of forestry products rose by 3.18 per cent. Prices decreased by 0.97 per cent in fishing.

The change compared to the previous month was 4.45 per cent in plant based products for one year, there was a 0.64 per cent increase in the live animals and animal products main group and there was a decrease of 10.10 per cent for plant-based products for multiple years. The prices of citrus fruits, which are a subordinate agriculture group, decreased 17.29 per cent compared to the previous month and the prices of fibre plants went down 4.62 per cent. There was a rise of 0.54 per cent in cereals, legumes and oily seeds and a rise of 9.91 per cent in vegetables.

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