Trainings on “Accurate Silage Making”

Trainings on “Accurate Silage Making”

Nearly 800 producers have attended to the trainings on “Accurate Silage Making” which is conducted in Dörtyol, Kemikler, Türbe, and Selimiye villages and also in Milas county center by Çamlı Silage Department. Producers have been transported to education centers from the villages for the trainings conducted in five different locations. Mr. Emrah Erten, sales representative of Çamlı Yem;, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alçiçek, consultant of Çamlı Yem; authorized people from Milas Milk Producer’s Union and Ms. Pınar Tekin, training specialist of Livestock and Raw Milk Development gave support to the trainers and made contribution to the training sessions.

Selimiye Farmers Training Seminar has been conducted nearly 4 months ago at 07.09.2013. The fifth and last seminar has been organized in Selimiye Municipality Wedding Saloon on 07.09.2013. This training has been organized for the producers from Selimiye, Ekindere, Danişment, Ovakışlacık, Karakuyu, Köşk, and Kızılcakuyu villages. Mr. Emrah ERTEN, Çamlı Yem sales representative of Muğla region and Ms. Pınar TEKİN who is an Agriculture Engineer and Manager of Denizli-Muğla Region Raw Milk Development Department have been attended to the seminar. At the end of the presentations questions of the participants have been answered.

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