Visit By the Regional Food Security

Visit By the Regional Food Security

The Economic Cooperation Organization Regional Food Security Coordination Center that carries out its activities under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Affairs, organized a training program on Food Security between 02 and 14 June 2014, that was intended for the Central Asian countries.

As part of the implementation stage of the training program, a delegation comprised of 20 visitors visited Çamlı Beydere Organic Milk Breeding Farm and Feed Plant on June 3, Tuesday. The delegation included participants from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan as well as the representatives of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Çamlı’s Quality Assurance Expert Fidem Camcı stated that the aim of the program was to expand the vision of the participants coming from Central Asian countries as well as the high-level bureaucrats from Turkey, by showing them the good practices in our own country.

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