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Visit to the First Fish Farm of Turkey from Rotaracts

Visit to the First Fish Farm of Turkey from Rotaracts

Efes, Göztepe, Urla, and Buca Rotaract clubs visited the Çamlı Fish Farming Facility of Yaşar Holding which is the first fish farming and breeding farm of Turkey obtained information regarding fish farming and breeding. Rotaracts gave a plaque to Mr. Selçuk Yaşar, Yaşar Holding Honorary President.

Hasan Girenes; the director of The Yaşar Holding Agriculture, Livestock, and Fishery Group, who provided information to Rotaracts at Çamlı Fish Farming Facility operating in Ildırı village, Cesme District of Izmir remarked that the fish consumption did not reach to sufficient level in Turkey. Mr. Girenes said “We ease the accessibility of a substantial protein. Main topics that will be discussed in the next years will be starvation, protein deficiency, and health nutrition. The Government started a struggle with obesity. We think fish is very important at this point. We copy the natural environments of the fishes and provide them a similar living space. We take care of the fishes like a 5 star all-in hotel. There is no difference regarding nutritional value of the culture fishes and their equals fished from sea. Culture fishes are animal protein source that our people can consume. Also, culture fishing is a production branch where food safety and traceability regarding environment in food industry. Otherwise, we should not be exporting to EU for these years. Therefore, I ask you to be a messenger. Providing the correct information about this issue and informing the public is very important” and mentioned the importance of supporting fish farming and breeding as well as raising awareness.

Rotary 2440. Ms. Zeynep Bilgen, Director of Fishery and Hobby Group, stated that the reason for them to organize this visitation is to closely acquaint with fish farming and production process and to see the course of processing. Rotaracts who took information about production process by touring the fish farming and breeding facility gave a plaque to Mr. Selçuk Yaşar, the Honorary President of Yaşar Holding. Also, Ms. Zeynep Bilgen, Efes Rotaract Director Ms. Sinem Beşir, Göztepe Rotaract Director Mr. Meriç Köroğlu, Urla Rotaract Director Mr. Hasan Kayan and Buca Rotaract Director Ms. Aylin Paksoylu thanked to Mr. Selçuk Yaşar, the Honorary President of Yaşar Holding for their contribution to Turkey and Izmir.



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