Çamlı Broiler Chicken Feed

Çamlı Broiler Chicken Feed

Çamlı Broiler Chicken Feed is a whole feed used for feeding broiler chicks from the 21st day until slaughtering. It is prepared to meet all of the amino acid, energy, vitamins and minerals required by the broiler chickens.


  • It paves the way for the broiler chickens to gain rapid liveweight
  • Due to the presence of raw materials with high digestibility in its content, benefiting from the feed is high. It ensures the broiler chickens to reach their target liveweights in a short time.
  • Broiler chicken feed is in the form of pellets and easy to consume.
  • The broiler chicken feed doesn't contain antibiotics.
  • Broiler chick feed should only be employed for feeding poultry. It can not be used in ruminant animals.

Important Information:

Optimal poultry temperature, poultry hygiene, circulation frequency, ventilation, lighting and the quality of the chicks from the hatchery are important to be considered for the feed to be properly utilized by the broiler chicken. 

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