Çamlı Dairy 21 Feed

Çamlı Dairy 21 Feed

Çamlı Dairy 21 Feed, is an ideal and high efficient dairy feed which is specially produced for dairy cattle. It has high energy roughage sources such as corn silage in its’ content.


  • It is high digestible and provides ideal feed conversion for animals.
  • It is delicious and odorous. Animals eat it appetizingly. 
  • It has positive effects on milk efficiency.
  • It is a balanced feed which satisfies energy, protein, vitamin and mineral needs of cattle.
  • It develops rumen microflora.
  • It includes by pass protein in high levels.
  • It extends the peak period of cattle.
  • It provides increases in number of eggs through its’ special formulation.

Important Information:

  1. Clean and drinkable water should always be provided for our animals during 24 hours.
  2. Our feed should always be accessible during 24 hours.
  3. Animals need to consume good quality fodder about 3-4 percentage of their live weight daily. (It varies from climate and shelter conditions to milk efficiency.)
  4. Animals should consume good quality fodder (clover fodder, dry oat fodder, barley) about 1 percentage of their good quality fodder daily in order to carry on their rumen activities efficiently.
  5. Our animals need to have 1 m2 dry pad area and a walking area which has to be two times more than the pad area.
  6. Feeders should be minimum 80 cm per animal.
  7. Ration dry matters or food items shouldn’t be changed more than 3 percentage.
  8. We should feed each of our animal seperately by predicating on efficiency, milking day, lactation amount and such criterias.
  9. Milking applications should be managed selectively for our animals.
  10. Periodic maintanence and protection applications should be made within the scope of protocol.

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