Çamlı Dairy Sheep Feed

Çamlı Dairy Sheep Feed

Çamlı Dairy Sheep Feed, is specially prepared to meet all the nutritional requirements of sheep during the course of lactation period.


  • It provides easy yeaning for the sheep.
  • It prevents them from weakenings in the lambing stage.
  • It provides healthy rumen development.
  • It provides continuity in the milk after yeaning and enables the animals to benefit from their mother's milk at high levels.
  • It prevents miscarriage problems.
  • It Increases the rate of fertilization with special vitamin and mineral contents.

Instruction for Use:

Çamlı Dairy Sheep Feed is used for feeding our sheep together with good quality dry hay or grazing. Feeding program prepared with dry grass and Dairy Sheep Feed is presented below. the similar program may be used providing that  grazing in a good quality pasture or low amount of hay.

Important Information:

  • We must make sure that the adequate amount of feeding area is provided in the housings. All of our sheep should have a simultaneous access to the feed.
  • We must make sure that our sheep can reach clean and potable water freely.
  • Dry bedding area of at least respectively 1,5 m2 for each sheep, 1,7 m2 for pregnant sheep, 2,5 m2 per sheep in lamb housings, should be provided.
  • It is worthwhile to house and feed the sheep according to the lambing period.
  • Our sheep should also consume approximately at least 1-1,5 kg of quality hay daily and this is important for rumen health depending on whether our sheep goes to pasture or not.
  • It is useful to house and feed the sheep having twins or more lambs separately.
  • High moisture content and inadequate ventilation in the housings will increase the respiration diseases. Direct and extreme air flow must be avoided especially during winter season. In addition it must be made sure that the housing is adequately ventilated.
  • It is very important for our sheep to have regular internal and external parasitic control and vaccination under veterinary control.

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