Çamlı Egg Layer Chicken Feed

Çamlı Egg Layer Chicken Feed

Çamlı Egg layer chicken feed is specially produced in order to meet the nutritional needs of the laying hens throughout the egg production period.


  • The Calcium rate is higher than the pullet grower feed.
  • It minimizes the risks of diseases that affect egg quality and yield by increasing the utilization of Calcium and phosphorus with its consistent structure and enzymes in its composition. 
  • It supports the development with highly digestible raw materials, essential oils and organic acids in its composition and improves the ability to benefit from the feed.
  • Protein sources of animal origin are not used.
  • Natural growth factors are used. It does not contain antibiotics.
  • Anticoccidials are used for the maintenance of yield and animal health.
  • It satisfies the expected performance in the egg shell quality and egg yolk with high vitamin, mineral and coloring agent contents. 
  • Çamlı Egg layer chicken feed should only be employed for feeding poultry. It can not be used for ruminant animals.

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