Çamlı Lamb Starter Feed

Çamlı Lamb Starter Feed

Çamlı Lamb Starter feed has been formulated to meet all nutritional requirements of the lambs for the first 2 months from the birth.


  • Lambs consume this feed appetisingly and get used to it quickly.
  • It prevents urinary calculi problems depending on urolithiasis.
  • It provides rapid muscle and skeletal development.
  • It is effective for preventing food-related diarrhea.
  • It provides rapid live weight gain. 
  • It has a balanced structure in terms of energy, protein, mineral and vitamin contents.

Instruction for use:

Newborn lambs should freely consume the starter feed from the first day of their birth until two months old.

Important Information:

  • Lambing barns should be checked at least 4 times a day. It must be made sure that newborn lambs are given 150 ml -250 ml of colostrum within the first 2 hours and the second dose should be within first 6 hours after the birth.
  • Free access of lambs to clean and potable water must be ensured.
  • 1 m2 of dry bedding area must be provided for each three lambs. 1 m2 of bedding area must be provided for 1 month old 2 lambs.   
  • It is useful to keep small lambs younger than one week in separate sections.
  • Çamlı Lamb Starter feed should be offered as independent consumption from the 1st day on.
  • On the 30th day, you can start to give good quality hay.
  • Required temperatures in the lamb barns are 25 ° C on the first day, 18° C (+-5° C) if younger than 3 weeks and 13° C-15° C if older than 3 weeks.
  • In the heating of barns, for 15 lambs, a (250W) infrared lamp located 1 meter above the floor may be used or alternative heating systems can be preferred.
  • Respiratory problems will increase in case of high humidity content (≥ 80%) and inadequate ventilation in lamb barns. Especially during the winter season, excessive and direct air flow should be avoided. It must be also made sure that the barn is ventilated adequately.
  • Vaccination and health practices for lambs and pregnant sheep are required to be carried out within a framework of a protocol.

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