Çamlı Pullet Grower Feed

Çamlı Pullet Grower Feed

Çamlı pullet grower feed is specially prepared for egg-laying chickens taking into consideration all the nutritional requirements they need in the period between 6th and 17th week.


  • It is prepared using highly digestible raw materials
  • It meets all energy and nutritional requirements of the egg-laying pullets in the period between 6th and 17th week.
  • Egg-laying chickens are allowed to enter the laying period with appropriate liveweight and physical conditioning.
  • It maintains the utilization of feed at the highest level with the essential oils and organic acids in its composition, thus it provides a balanced development.
  • It does not contain protein of animal origin and antibiotics.
  • Anticoccidials are used for the maintenance of yield and animal health.
  • Çamlı pullet grower feed should only be employed for feeding poultry. It can not be used for ruminant animals.

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