Çamlı Yearling Lamb Fattening Feed

Çamlı Yearling Lamb Fattening Feed

Çamlı Yearling Lamb Fattening Feed is a product specially formulated to rapidly convert feed into flesh in the yearling lambs subjected to feeding.


  • It enables yearling lambs to gain weight fast.
  • It is delicious and appetizing.
  • It prevents urinary calculi and urine retention associated with it.
  • It improves carcass quality and the yield to be obtained.

Instruction for Use:

Çamlı Yearling Lamb Fattening Feed is used for feeding our yearling lambs together with good quality hay. At least a week of transition process is required for switching from lamb feed to yearling feed if we want to use for our yearlings which have consumed lamb feed before or for those coming from the pasture. if we want to compensate the situation or use it for our yearling sheep coming from the pasture, it will be useful to start with 250- 300 g per day at the beginning and then increase it by 100-150 grams weekly. 

Important Information:

  • We must make sure that there are enough feeding areas in the housings. It is important that all of our yearling lambs have an opportunity to access to the feed at the same time.
  • Free access of our yearling lambs to clean potable water must be provided.
  • At least 1 m2 of dry bedding area must be provided for each yearling lamb.
  • It will be useful to put animals of similar ages and of similar live weights together in the same section as far as possible and house them there.  
  • The yearling lambs must consume approximately 250- 500 gram good quality dry hay daily regardless of whether they go to a pasture or not and this is important for their rumen health.
  • Respiratory problems will increase as a result of high humidity and inadequate ventilation. It is necessary to avoid extreme and direct air flow during winter seasons. It must be also made sure that the livestock housing is adequately ventilated.
  • It is important for the yearling lambs to carry out internal and external parasite and vaccination practices regularly under the supervision of a veterinary.

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