Dry Period Feed

Dry Period Feed

Çamlı Dry Period Feed, is specially produced for pregnant cattle them to satisfy their food requirements sufficiently. This feed should be used in the 7th and 9th months of their pregnancy periods.


  • It helps development of cattle and calf during the dry periods of them with the high digestible raw materials in its’ content.
  • It protects rumen and provides high milk efficiency.
  • It avoids ketosis, hypocalcemia, mastitis and metritis.
  • It avoids anointment for pregnant cattle with its’ special formula.
  • It protects ionic equilibrium with its’ anionic salts in its’ content.
  • It enables retention secundarium after birth.

Important Information:

  1. Mammary glands of the animals are refreshed with the dry period and somatic cells of them are renewed. Thus, they become healthy and efficient in this period.
  2. The animals in this dry period, should seperately be maintained from milkers in order to avoid competitions about waterers and feeders.
  3. We should be careful about our animals not to gain weight excessively.
  4. Clean and drinkable water should always be provided for them during this period.
  5. Roughage shouldn’t be mouldy, smelly and bad in order to avoid abortion and decreases in immunity.
  6. Feeds shouldn’t be succulent. Sauciness of them can be maximum one fourth of the feeds which are given in the intramammary infusion.
  7. Dairy feeds shouldn’t be given with dry and wet clover fodder, beet pulp and the raw materials with high Ca and K contents.
  8. The dry period feed should be given to animals by mixing with the dairy feed 15- 20 days before birth.
  9. Dry material intakes of our animals should frequently be controlled 15- 20 days before birth and we should provide them to consume the half of the ration.
  10. Salt and buffers shouldn’t be consumed by the animals in this period.

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