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Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co.

Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co, which has first started its’ operations with feed production in 1983 with the integration philosophy of Yaşar Holding, plays an important role for the development of the sector both in Aegean and Turkey with its’ operations in compound feed, aquaculture, organic dairy farming, poultry breeding and plant nutritions fields and it is a strong agricultural group with its’ various product range in the food value chain.

Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co, satisfies all expectations of the producers and consumers with its’ leader role in agricultural production. It has been the 345th in the ‘Largest 500 Industrial Enterprises of Turkey’ gradation which is announced by Istanbul Chamber Of Industry and the 33th in the ‘Largest 100 Companies of Aegean’ gradation which is announced by Aegean Region Chamber Of Industry with its’ innovative approach.

Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co, which produces innovative and sustainable products for the Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery sectors, has various firsts with its’ Çamlı (cattle feed), Bioaqua (fish feed), Biofarm (organic fertilizer), Cool Dog (dog food), Cool Cat (cat food) and Pınar Fish brands. The company which adopts sustainable growth as principle with its’ ‘Producing Without Consuming’ philosophy, has been the first company which is documented by being controlled according to GLOBAL GAP (CFM) and GLOBAL GAP (AQUA) standards. It makes all of its’ productions within the ISO 14001 Environment Management Sytem standards and additionally has the ISO 50001 Energy Management System certificate.

Yaşar Holding

Our Corporate Values

Our Consumers And Customers Have Top Priority

In all of our units, we perceive the requirements of our consumers and domestic and foreign customers quickly and accurately and adopt a proactive and an innovative approach in order to meet their expectations for a better life.

Our Human Resources

In the light of our torch of science, unity and success; we believe that education, experience, sense of belonging and ownership, scientific developments, information sharing, team spirit, participative management approach and success-oriented studies are the most important values of our human resources.

Our Environmental And Social Responsibility

We make environment and nature friendly production and contribute to create a better future than today. With the sense of social responsibility; we continue our tradition to support contemporary education, sports, culture and art to increase social life quality.

Our Operational Perfectionism

Efficient usage of technology in every fields of our business processes, ordinary and defined operations and data-based and rapid decision making systems of ours, underlie the basis of our operational excellency approach. Agility is one of our basic competencies.

Our Ethics

In each operating geography, we respect to the social, political and cultural values and obey the rules of regulations and business ethics. We give great importance to honesty, open communication and fair management.

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