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Feed Production

Çamlı, which has first started to operate with production of dairy and livestock farming products in Izmir Pınarbaşı in 1983, symbolizes quality and trust. The facility started production with 5 tones capacity and increased this rate to 50 tones with modernization and new investments in the following years. It has first produced fish feed in the year of 1987 and turkey feed in the year of 1998. It is going to enrich its’ structure and national economy with Turgutlu Feed Facility of 100 tone capacity which the studies of this new project, started in 2016. The company is planning to make feed production about 350.000 tones annually with high technology machines and equipments, otomation, traceability, hygen, quality and efficiency in the facility which is going to launch in April 2018.

Cattle and small cattle feeds, poultry feeds, fish feeds, dog feeds and cat feeds are being produced and fullfat soybean production is being made in the feed facility of Çamlı, which is located in Pınarbaşı İzmir. Çamlı, seletively manages the whole process from production to consumption with the ‘Feed is for nutrient’ approach. It enriches its’ product range with special and functional feeds besides its’ standard products. Çamlı, which makes feed production with the guarentee of Yaşar Holding, gives support to the producers directly or via distributors and educate them about farm management and animal health applications.

It makes production suitable to TSE-ISO-EN 9000:2008 Quality Management System,  TSE-ISO-EN 22000:2005 Food Security Management System, OHSAS TS 18001:2014 Business Health and Security System, TS EN İSO 14001:2004 Environment Management System and TSEN ISO 50001 Energy Management System standards. Nevertheless, it is the first company which has been still applying the GLOBAL GAP (CFM) standards and has been documented after controls.

Çamlı, has had the organic feed production certificate since 2008 by Ecocert which is the international Organic Documentation institution. In the year of 2012, another ring to the integration chain in organic production is added with organic cattle feed production.

By this means, Çamlı aims to increase reliability, quality and value of its’ products and highlights the sensitivity towards environment, its employees and animal welfare one more time.

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