Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances other than statutory obligations (e.g. to be claimed with a court order), Yasar Holding A.S. and /or Yasar Group Companies will not disclose, sell, rent and/or let use any third party your personal information (your name, e-mail address, business and home address, telephone number etc.), which is submitted voluntarily by its visitors, through the forms on its web-site.

Yasar Holding A.S. and/or Yasar Group Companies may use this information for below and similar purposes, to the extent required and/or permitted by legal legislation.

•Sending you printed publications/correspondence,
•Sending you press releases or declarations via e-mail,
•Delivery of purchased goods and/or prizes,
•Considering your applications during employment process.

Personal information may be shared only with Yasar Holding A.S. and/or Yasar Group Company's authorized personnel and representatives, who have accepted to keep them confidential. Yasar Holding A.S. and/or Yasar Group Companies may use statistical information (browser type, geographical position, age, gender, etc.), without disclosing identities of the persons, to improve its web site and to have more information about its consumers generally, to define consumer profile. This information will not be disclosed to third parties.

Yasar Holding A.S. and/or Yasar Group Companies do not warrant, links to third party sites, which are contained in Yasar Holding A.S. and/or Yasar Group Companies web sites, may be covered by Yasar Holding A.S. and/ or Yasar Group Companies' Privacy Statement. Therefore, we recommend you to check the privacy approach of other sites you visit, before providing any personally specifiable any information.

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