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Poultry Farming

Çamlı, which initiated the first turkey farming in Turkey in 1997, conducts the business with the contracted farming model. The produced turkeys are processed in the Pınar Meat facilities and presented to its’ customers. The whole chain from turkey feed production to the delivery of it to consumers, is kept under control with the integrated model.

Çamlı, which has started to launch its’ products with its’ Çamlı Çiftliği brand since 2009, meets "New year turkey" and "Mini turkey" with the consumers. The company, continues its’ studies with the aim of adding new products to its’ product range.

In the production process, the imported hatching turkey eggs are taken into the production stage. Upon the selection process, each egg is ranged in special trays and converted to chicks after a 28-day period through 32 setters with a capacity of 14.112 eggs and 4 hatchers. Within this period, temperature, ventilation, humidity and positions of eggs are monitored by the computer system. The hatchery has a capacity of 5 million and 400 thousand eggs per year. The healthy turkey chicks are seperated sexually by experts and vaccinated, debeaked and packaged full-automatically by the PSP machine.

Turkeys are raised approximately in a closed area of 150 thousand square meters in İzmir, Manisa and Muğla with 100 producers in its’ own farm located in Seferihisar. The most important criteria for Çamlı is to produce safe, healthy and high quality turkey meat for its consumers within the framework of bio-safety and animal welfare standards of turkey raising. Çamlı Food Safety Management System is established in order to eliminate the elements which threats food safety and provide required communication about food safety between related parties.

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